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Steve Hubbard

Vocals, Keyboards, Bass

Steve started playing keyboards and guitar when knee high to a grasshopper and has been playing, writing and recording ever since. 

As a teenager, his older brother, a fine blues guiratrist, introduced him to the then vibrant music scene in South London, where nearly every pub would at some time feature a live band or other plus the regular music venues.  Hard rock, rhythm and blues and rock/pop standard cover bands were prolific; incredibly inspiring for a young musician. The beer was fairly inspiring too!

Steve’s first outing on stage was as lead vocalist with a school band Scarlet Haze, created by drummer Russ Malkin (TV producer, Long Way Down). Following on from that, Steve and some keen budding musicians formed Contagious featuring Kevin England (Royal Academy Music) on bass with the exciting Mick Howard on drums. John Hogan sang lead vocals with Steve on Lead/Rythm guitar. Steve and John later formed The Nude Aunts who played the then infamous and unforgiving Thames Poly Cellar Bar in Greenwich.

Steve rented a small flat in Greenwich which came with a large cellar. It was hastily (and cheaply) converted to a rehearsal room.  Steve decided to stick to keyboards and formed  Equus with the fast and sometimes furious Roger Isaacson on lead guitar. (who could play Hot Dog better than Jimmy Page). Steve co-wrote the original material with John contributing to lyrics. 

John and Steve continued to work on various recording projects together for some years.

One day Steve bumped into Martin Collins at work who was listening on a Walkman to a composition recorded with  Ian Ormiston Stables. Martin on keys, Ian on guitar. Much impressed ,  a meet was arranged to compare material and a possible collaboration. So Rough Justice was born. Martin on keys, Steve and Ian sharing guitar and keyboard duties with the later inclusion of a female lead vocalist. As the band developed Steve took over lead vocals and switched to permanent bass guitar with Martin on keys and Ian on Lead. The name changed to Temper Temper but sadly, a few gigs later, the band dissolved not long after an offer of a recording contract. 

Martin & Steve – Writing
Martin & Steve – Writing

Steve took to writing and recording on his PortaOne at home with a newly acquired Rhodes Stage Piano in the backroom.

As a frequent visitor to a music shop (where the Rhodes ended up!), the owner and unsurprisingly well rehearsed guitarist, Dave Payne, invited Steve to audition on keys for a semi-pro working covers band called Sneaky (later due to copyright issues renamed Business As Usual ). They were all seasoned players with a first class vocalist and sounded awesome. He rushed out and bought a Korg M1, Roland D50, Casio piano and a huge A-frame stand.

The band folded in the late 80’s as the demand for live rock music dwindled fast. Fewer paying venues became available. Around that time, a gig in the Old Kent Road in front of six people proved to be pretty much the end. Mind you they were a small but enthusiastic audience. 

As club dance and electronic music became the order of the day, unfortunately many more live rock venues closed down.

Steve continued to work with lead singer Michael Taylor, recording in Steve’s 16 track (whoah!) home studio and performing live as a duo. Steve recorded tracks for aspiring artists, including actress Kim Medcalf and continued composing new material.

Having not heard from Mick in a while, Steve received a call about putting a soul band together and would he be interested in coming in on keys?  He said the genre was suddenly popular again after the release of the movie The Commitments and it would be a working, no nonsense covers band. Of course he agreed.

The Soul Traders became quickly in demand often needing ‘Deps’ to cover. Jumping straight into a gig with just the dots and no rehearsal seemed effortless to these guys. 

The band’s highlight for Steve was when the regular trumpet player, Dave Caswell (The Who) , invited his old pal Dick Parry (Pink Floyd) to make up the horn section. What a night! As you might expect, they were absolutely awesome together. Dick, instantly likeable, with long straggly blond hair, an infectious smile and cool as a cucumber was the most unassuming and charming bloke. He thanked the band for a thoroughly enjoyable evening before he made his way back to Colchester in his beaten up old Chevette. 

The Traders continued on for many years during which time Steve moved house which finally ended his tenure. Another lucky guy inherited the job. 

Steve's current home studio
Steve's current home studio

He took to writing and recording at home again on Logic when like a bolt out of the blue, through social media, his old buddy Ian Ormiston tracked him down. A reunion swiftly followed, as remarkably, after thirty years,  they were almost neighbours.  This heralded the start of a new project, now called TemperToo. 

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